Hospital Gives Kids Mini Cars To Drive To Surgery To Cut Down On Stress


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One hospital in California has a very different and exciting approach when heading into Surgery… These young children get behind the wheel of a mini car so they can drive to the operating room in style. Staff at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto have recently added a miniature pink VW Beetle and a tiny black Mercedes for their pediatric patients to drive to surgery and they say it’s helping the kids’ “stress and anxiety” disappear.

The idea of heading in to have an operation is scary for anyone, especially for a child. But the minutes leading up to it aren’t as bad if you’ve got a cool distraction like operating a cool car - complete with a stereo, doors that open, and working headlights - inside the hospital. Pre-op nurse Kimberly Martinez came up with the idea after doing some research and so far, the one-of-a-kind approach has been a hit.

The hospital explained, quote “When the children find out they can go into the operating room riding in a cool little car, they light up, and in most cases, their fears melt away, In addition, when parents see their children put at ease, it puts them at ease as well.”

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