Off Duty Fireman Carries Elderly Woman Who Can't Make It Up Stairs

Shayla and Thomas were at a country concert in Houston when she noticed an older woman struggling to get to her seat. Shayla pointed out the woman to her husband, Thomas who's a firefighter, and suggested he go lend her a hand. Without hesitation Thomas jumped to his feet and helped the woman get to her seat safely. Then came the end of the show, keeping an eye on this same woman, they noticed she also just did not have the strength to walk back up the stairs out of the would be like if this woman was in the lower level of the tacoma dome and had to walk up allllll those stairs.. so again, without hesitation, Thomas not only helped this woman get back out of her seat but actually scooped her up into his arms and carried her up the stairs! Thomas’ wife Shayla said “I'm almost shocked, I really honestly didn't think it would go the far. She was very appreciative. When he placed her down at the top of the stairs, she was grinning ear to ear. It really touched her to have him help her.” Shayla snapped a pic of her husband in action with this elderly woman in his arms going up the venue stairs which has been shared thousands of times on Facebook!

The Wake Up Show


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