Man Gets Saved By Helicopter After Surviving Hours In The Sea!


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A German tourist named Arne Murke is lucky to be alive after getting knocked overboard from a yacht and being lost at sea in New Zealand for hours. Arne was sailing with his brother in Tolaga Bay when he fell overboard into the water

The 30-year-old spent close to four hours in the water before being rescued by a helicopter, but he might not have been so lucky if he hadn’t remembered a survival trick in his moment of need. Arne wasn’t wearing a life jacket, but he recalled something Navy SEALS do and used his jeans to make an improvised life vest. He tied knots in the legs and blew air inside the inflated jeans, creating a makeshift life preserver. And it worked!

The rescue helicopter service posted a video of the save on their Facebook page, writing, “He is so incredibly lucky to be alive,” and Arne knew it too he explained Without the jeans, I wouldn’t be here today. They were really the thing that saved me.” See the video below!

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