Professor Holds Baby For Student!

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Professor Nathan Alexander tells his students at Morehouse College to let him know if they need anything and when one of the students couldn’t find childcare for his baby girl, he brought her along to class.

Wayne Hayer showed up with his daughter in a carrier and the students said Professor Alexander was totally cool and supportive about it.

One of the students named Nick explained the situation said professor Alexander looked at Wayne and his baby girl and said quote “No problem, in fact I will even hold her so you can take better notes in class,” So he strapped baby girl to him and held her the entire class hour! His act of kindness was recorded and went viral on social media! Professor Alexander just wanted to back up the support he already extended to his students and show that he’s really willing to help them learn in any way he can.

Professor Alexander explained quote “We build community, we make sure that we support our students in whatever they need, and that’s part of my commitment… What I want to make sure that I underline is that I’m not special. Teachers do this stuff every day in their own way.”

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Teachers play such an important role in our lives and it's nice when they really care about your well-being! Good on you Professor Alexander!

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