Teacher Cuts Her Hair Short After Student With Short Hair Got Bullied

5 year old Prisilla, a normally happy little girl, had her hair cut short and her teacher noticed that all of a sudden after she had her hair cut she started acting a little more quiet and sad. After paying close attention, her teacher noticed that classmates were calling her a boy over her short hair cut which really really hurt little Prisilla’s feelings. She even started to wear hats to school to try to hide her short hair. Her teacher, Ms. Grimm, had enough of Prisilla getting bullied..and over winter break..cut her own hair which was down to her waist..all the way up to like her ears. So Ms. Grimm and Prisilla now had matching hair cuts! She showed up to school showing off her new cut saying “I told them, ‘I think I look beautiful. Don’t you think I do?’..I had to show them boys can have long hair like girls and girls can have short hair like boys.” Ms. Grimm and Prisilla also bought the two of them matching bows that they wear in their hair every day. She said “that boy represents strength, family, someone who has her back..and I'm going to keep wearing the bow. I am here for her.” Ms. Grimm also nominated Prisilla for the district student of the month award and she was honored last Monday, and to Ms. Grimm’s surprise..Prisilla presented her with a medal for being her hero.

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