Vet buys $1500 worth of Chick-Fil-A for military families

California WWII vet wanted to spend his birthday giving back to military families!

Edmund Rusinek, who himself is a World War II veteran, dropped by his neighborhood Chick-Fil-A last Friday and handed the manager a wad of cash, the Orange County Register reported, and some fliers to explain his contribution. The manager told the newspaper she burned through the cash by Saturday morning, and he gave her permission to use his credit card. They estimated he had spent about $1,500!

“Edmund is a regular customer,” Giola Arkis, the restaurant manager, told the newspaper. “He always comes in for a salad, cookies and coffee. We call him our local sweet thing.”

Such a sweet story! We need more Edmunds in the world!

BTW did you know Chick-Fil-A has a secret menu?? Us either! Check out the video below!

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