Winter Life Hacks!


Dealing the this rare Seattle snow storm can be a pain! Here are some hacks to make things a little easier for you, and these are all things you probably have in your house right now!

  • Sand the bottom of your shoes with sand paper to create a little traction while walking.
  • Use sandwich bags to waterproof your socks in your boots!
  • If you find yourself shoveling snow, spray a little cooking spray or WD-40 on your shovel..the snow will slide right off!
  • Use socks on your windshield wipers to help better protect them from freezing and breaking.
  • If your car lock is frozen, coat your key with a little hand sanitizer.
  • Car mats can help create traction under your tires if you're stuck in a parking spot.
  • Putting zip ties around your bicycle tires can also help create a little traction to keep you from slipping all over the place.
  • Cat litter! If you need some help getting your car moving, pour some cat litter around where your tires may be sticking, this will help absorb moisture and create traction.

While these tips may be helpful, always use your best judgment. Safety is always the number one priority! If you don't feel safe or comfortable hitting the road, stay home! :)

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