Local Company Helps Save Family Dog

The Robinson family in Mount Lake Terrace had a plumbing issue back in December.

During repairs, the workers accidentally clogged the pipes with rags, making things worse and forcing the family of 5 to spend Christmas in a hotel.

While the Robinsons were displaced, they had to leave their 5-year-old pit bull Chevy in his crate at home.

When they returned to check on him, Chevy was very sick.

The stress of the separation apparently prompted Chevy to destroy his bed and eat part of a plastic toy.

The vet said he needed a very expensive emergency surgery that the family couldn't afford.

The only other option was to put him down.

Mom, Kristina, told ServiceMaster in Redmond about her situation. The company’s owner, Jay Olsen, took responsibility and gladly paid the $4000 for Chevy’s surgery, saving the pittie.

Yesterday, Kristina, her kids, and Chevy all showed up to the Redmond Service Master offices to express their gratitude with hugs, tail wags, and a thank you card saying “Thank you for saving our dog.”

"I understand how much families rely on their dogs and dogs rely on their families," said Olsen "It's just one of those decisions that you make. This dog belongs with this family."

"There is so much ugliness, greed, and selfishness in the world these days," said Kristina. "Jay didn't have to do this. I think it's important to see these stories and remember there are still good people in this world. We are forever grateful."

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