Hero Dog Leads Paramedics Through Maze Of Alleyways To His Owner

A Chinese emergency crew had gotten a call about a garbage man who had collapsed in a residential alley way. This ambulance crew was rushing through these narrow alley ways trying to find their patient, the clock is ticking.. they're getting stressed out..then all of a sudden a golden retriever appeared in front of the vehicle. Instead of simply moving out of the ambulances path as any other dog would've..this dog was actually the dog of the collapsed patient..and it started to lead the ambulance crew in the direction of its collapsed owner. There’s actually dash cam footage showing the dog anxiously looking over its shoulder several times to make sure the paramedics were still following it before it picks up speed and runs through the maze of alleyways. The paramedics are thanking this dog’s clever hand in the rescue and because they were able to find the collapsed and bring him to the hospital for treatment quicker.

The Wake Up Show


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