Free Dinner Daily at Auburn Sikh Temple Until Government Shutdown Ends

Free Dinner Daily at Auburn Sikh Temple Until Government Shutdown Ends...

The Washington State Sikh Community would like to extend the offer of a free dinner daily 5:00 PM until 7:30 PM at Gurudwara Sacha Marag which is located at 12431 SE 286th Pl Auburn, WA 98092 in Lea Hill near Mountain View High School. We understand the current politics of this great nation have made times tough and if you or your family have been affected we want you to enjoy a hot dinner daily with us to show our gratitude and support for Federal Government Employees affected by the shutdown. We also will have a Pantry With Essential Non-Perishable Items for you to take home. We are opening our doors and sharing a 500-year tradition of civic responsibility and sharing a meal (Langar) without distinction of Religion, Gender, Economic status or Ethnicity. 

The free meal is always vegetarian. People sit together, eat together and the kitchen is maintained and serviced by Sikh Community Volunteers. This daily service will continue until the shutdown is over as we are committed to you. We are proud to be a part of the Washington State Community and it’s our responsibility to give back. The largest Langar is found at the Golden Temple in India where typically 40,000 people a day eat for free. Living in America this is the least that we can do for all those enduring hardship in this tough time. Please do not hesitate or be shy and come enjoy a meal made with compassion and a sense of community.

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