Meet An Emotional Support Alligator Named Wally... He's Just Here To Help.

When you think of emotional support animals, cold-blooded alligators probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind.

But that didn’t stop Wally, a 3-year-old, 4.5-feet-long reptile, from being the best emotional support alligator out there! Wally was rescued from Florida after a family of gators were slated to be destroyed in order to build a development on the land. Henney, Wally’s owner, and his friends offered to help rescue the gators. And Wally ended up going to live with Henney at his home in Pennsylvania, in September 2015 when the reptile was on 14 months old. The owner said Wally was “afraid of everything” at first but started to adjust after some time.  Henney says Wally is like a puppy dog, he follows him around the house, loves his head rubbed.  He enjoys watching lion king and has never bit anyone. The calm alligator visits senior living facilities and spends times with the residents putting a smile on everyone’s face!

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