They Want Him To Live Out His Best Puppy Life Ever...

What's Good?!

I put off talking about this story for a few days but there is a recent development which may lead to a happy ending.

There is the cutest 9 week old German shepherd puppy named Logan who lives up in Ferndale. He has a rare heart condition so his family created a bucket list for him so he could live out his best puppy life possible.

One of his bucket list items was to get hugs from 100 different people which happened at an event over the weekend in Bellingham. Although the goal was 100 people, Rescued Hearts Northwest said they lost track of the amount of hugs but it was well over 400.

With all the news coverage about Logan and his bucket list, a vet in Colorado saw the story and believes he can fix Logan’s heart.

Time is of essence and Logan will travel from Washington to Colorado for an appointment Jan. 30, and have the important surgery the next day.

Rescued Hearts Northwest thanks everyone for “your good vibes, your prayers, your hugs, well wishes and virtual hugs”

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