These Local Seattle Girls Are Educating Youth About Bullying!

Strawberry's 'What's Good?!':

A team of Four Seattle girls won a national prize for a video game they created to educate about bullying.

The competition was called Girls Make Games... 

Team members Gracie Clauson, Isadora Tiffe, Keira Munko, and Crystal Nelson. Together, they call themselves Team Sarcastic Shark Clouds,

Their game is called Shredded Secrets. It’s about dealing with a bully, avoiding the bullies and their “insults” and picking up ice cream to gain health.

Gracie admitted that “Some of them were bullied when they were younger but as the winner of the competition, the girls got the chance to make a Kickstarter to take the game into full production.

They surpassed their goal by more than $5,000, so with their game funded, it will now go into development with the 4 Seattle girls involved as “Game Directors”.


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