9 Year Old Builds Wheelchair For Kitten Who Can't Walk!


A 9 year old boy in Brazil named J and his neighbors were caring for a litter of kittens that had just been born a few weeks ago, and there was one kitten in particular that caught his eye. This kitten seemed to have some sort of defect and couldn’t walk very well. J said he felt really sad seeing the other kittens playing, and this one kitten couldn't join them. He couldn’t get this kitten off his mind, so kind of started to brain storm how he could help her out. He decided he was going to build her a tiny custom wheel chair, and that’s exactly what he did. Within minutes of getting her set up with her new set of wheels she was off and rolling and J was SO excited it worked and the kitten was loving it. His mom said “Im very proud of my children, but today was far beyond. His joy of being able to help was the best part.”

The Wake Up Show


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