Chik Fil A Opens On Sunday For Birthday Of Teen With Autism


Elijah Sprague was born prematurely at 18 weeks old, and after living in the NICU for 6 months he was adopted by one of the nurses, Rene, despite doctors saying that it was unlikely he was going to live longer than a year. He, clearly, proved them all wrong, as Elijah is now 14 years old! He has cerebral palsy and autism, but his mom says he is just the sweetest teenager who ADORES Chik Fil A. He dreams of one day working at the Chik Fil A drive thru window. So to celebrate his birthday, Elijah's family asked the owner of their local Chik Fil A if they could open their restaurant on a Sunday for Elijah's special day which is a HUGE deal because Chik Fil A is closed every Sunday for religious reasons, but the restaurant was like of course we absolutely have to do this you don't even have to ask. So, just like the promised, Chik Fil A opened on Sunday full with staffers who baked cookies for Elijah to give away at the drive thru window. More than 40 families stopped by the window, some even going thru the drive thru multiple times to support Elijah. After he was done, Elijah and his friends were able to eat dessert and play in the restaurant. "This is super special to us," his mom said, "Elijah's not going to graduate like our other kids. He's not going to get married or have kids. So this is just a really cool experience to us for him to have this level of attention..its neat for people to recognize he's a really cool kid."

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