Silverdale Man See's Colors For The First Time With New Glasses

Strawberry Whats’ Good Story:

It is a whole new world for Brent Williams in Silverdale.

Brent was colorblind for years, but was FINALLY able to differentiate color for the first time the other day when his twin daughters gave him EnChroma color blind glasses.

Up til this moment he struggled to see reds, pinks, and oranges. As a matter of fact, when Brent put on the Color Blind Glasses and looked down at his hands he, couldn’t believe his own skin color.

Video showing Brent (in his COUGARS sweatshirt) surrounded by his family in their backyard where they had arranged, a red kayak, colored patio furniture, and even handed him a bag of different colors of Skittles

One of Brent’s daughters said, “His emotions and thought process in the video went from feeling so bad for himself of all the things and colors he’s missed out on to just being so happy that his kids and grandkids are able to experience the world in color,”

Since the surprise, he hasn’t taken the glasses off, and recently got to see a sunset coming home on the ferry the other day.”

Check out his reaction HERE or below

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