Jenna's Good Friend Needs Some Major Help To Have A Chance To Live

Photo Credit: Cece Stevens

On October 8th my amazing friend Cece Stevens Mcgee received news that she has breast cancer.  Cece, 31 years young, is currently working to acquire the optimal insurance plan to cover part of the treatment of her choice, but medical emergencies like this always come with co-pays and unforeseen expenses and we want her to receive the best care possible. 

Recovery time for these procedures vary, but they anticipate it will take at least a few months.  She will need to cover living expenses while she is healing from surgery and unable to work.  She has to make a lot of serious decisions in a very short time, so alleviating her worry of money will help her tremendously with the amount of stress she is dealing with.

Recent update from her sister: "We have received updates on Cece diagnosis about one week ago. Upon further examination, her doctor discovered that the cancer is far more advanced than we were aware of. She is stage 4 with with cancer in her liver, lymph nodes, spine and sternum. She is currently on a very strict diet and in the process of getting into a specific treatment center in Arizona. Thank you everyone who has supported financially and also by reaching out and offering other means of assistance. We appreciate you all!"

Anything helps even a dollar... Thank you!


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