Ocean Shores PD Saves Seal Caught In Fishing Net On The Beach

Jenna's What's Good?! is about a seal who was saved by Ocean Shores Officer Kyle Watson. As 14 years as a police officer, dealing with a seal in caught in a fishing net was def a first for him.  This rare to Washington 2 year-old Male Guadalupe Fur Seal was found stranded on the beach with fishing net wrapped around him.  It looked like he had been caught in this net for a while, with deep cuts all over his body.   Officer Watson knew he couldn't wait for marine biologists to get there so he took the matter into his own hands.  He carefully cut through the fishing net while trying to not get bit by this scared seal... Luckily he had a dog catch tool which he used to cut the net that was around the seal's neck off.  After succeeding in freeing the seal, Officer Watson watched him run back into the ocean... 

The Wake Up Show


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