Mom Is In For A Surprise When She Arrives Home From The Hospital


A woman named Rachel, 6th grade teacher and mother of 1, was home washing dishes one night when all of a sudden a wine glass shattered a cut an artery in her wrist. Blood immediately started spraying everywhere she said, all corners of her kitchen. She wrapped her wrist in a towel, called 911 and then called her mother. The fire department was the first to show up..they tied a band around her arm to slow the bleeding and also helped her son into his pjs..then proceeded to keep the both of them calm while they waited for the ambulance. Her husband was still at work and her mother hadn't arrived yet, so a few of the amazing firemen volunteered to stay behind with her son until someone showed up. Rachel was taken to the hospital where she got some stitches, a tetanus shot and was discharged later that night. She said as she was walking into her home she was just completely dreading the bloody mess that was waiting for her but she was in for a surprise! “These men wiped down my fridge, coffee maker, speakers, cupboards, bathtub, floors, and even all the individual k cups that had been hit. They put the dirty towels in my bathtub, threw away the glass, and cleaned up the blood in my sink” she said. They also left a note for the young mom “we cleaned up some shortly after you left. Hope you don't mind. We didn't know what to do with the rug though. Have a glass of wine for us and feel better!” She posted the note to Facebook, saying “while everyone went above and beyond to help me, I am especially grateful for these guys. Thank you so much West Elmira Fire Department!”

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