Magician Performs Magic Tricks For Sheltered Dogs

As a means of encouraging people to adopt a homeless doggy before the holidays, a magician went into a NY shelter to record a cute little video with the dogs. He wanted to showcase all their different personalities so that people watching the video could maybe find a match or maybe have no choice but to adopt because they're sooo cute! This magician went in and actually performed magic tricks for about a dozen different dogs he would make treats disappear in his hand..some of them would be confused..others could not contain their surprise..and of Course theres those few dogs who could care less about magic tricks and just wanted belly rubs. The dogs are available for adoption but considering this video already has over 1 million views its possible a few of these dogs may have found homes hopefully have found homes. Even if you're not looking to adopt you'll still enjoy this video and seeing these dogs reactions!

The Wake Up Show


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