Help The Locals In Port Orchard

Now, 250 homes are reported damaged from Tuesday’s tornado in Kitsap County. Many families were forced out of their homes in Port Orchard, and could use our support.

Here are some of the most DIRECT ways to help, that we discussed on the radio today:

*Donate to Red Cross Northwest:

To ensure the money helps our local red cross, you must indicate that in the drop down menu on the site. Red Cross Northwest is the agency that responded to this tornado. CLICK HERE

*Join the clean-up crew:

The community will need help with clean up. It's our understanding that process started Wednesday night and go into Thursday. The details are still being worked out.

*Support "That One Place" Diner

This diner in Port Orchard is offering free meals for people whose homes were damaged and they are also collecting items to share with the community.

*Become a Red Cross volunteer

The Red Cross pointed out the only reason it was able to open a shelter within two hours of the storm was because they had Red Cross volunteers in that community. By becoming a volunteer, you help the agency respond faster to disaster. This way towns don't have to wait for volunteers to arrive.

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