12 Year Old Rakes Leaves To Raise Money For Best Friend's Gravestone

Kaleb and Kenneth, aka K.J., had been best friends since 2nd grade since they were 8 years old before Kenneth died this past May of congestive heart failure. He was doing years of chemo to fight leukemia. After this tragedy happened..& after all expenses ..K.J.’s mom just couldn’t afford $2500 grave stone for her son , so little Kaleb, now 12 years old.. stepped in to do whatever he could do to help out his best friend AND his mom to provide a special Christmas gift..a gravestone for his best friend K.J. K.J.’s mother was completely overwhelmed when she found out Kaleb was trying to raise money for a headstone. She said “My sons not here but Kaleb still loves my son enough to do this, it just speaks volumes to the type of people that they are, and it speaks volumes to the type of person that K.J. was.” Kaleb has been raking leaves, collecting bottles and soliciting PayPal donations on social media to help raise $2500 which is the cost of a headstone.

The Wake Up Show


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