88 Year Old Meets Biological Daughter She Thought Died At Birth

A woman named Genevieve Puriton was only 18 years old when she gave birth to her one and only child back in 1949. She was also informed shortly after the birth that her child had died. Fast forward to now, Genevieve is now 88 years old living in an assisted living facility in Tampa alone as all her siblings have passed away and she has no immediate family left..but then she got a card from a woman named Connie Moultroup! Last year, connie, who was adopted, was given an ancestry dna kit as a Christmas present by her daughter . This led her to get into contact with someone who had the same last name as her birth mother and finally after 69 years..Genevieve was reunited with her daughter Connie who she thought died at birth. It was a super emotional reunion at the nursing home because not only did Genevieve discover her daughter was still alive, she also found out she has a granddaughter and 2 great grand children!

Check out the video below!

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