Woman Saves Baby From Choking On Thanksgiving Day!

A North Carolina family had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving after a stranger saved their baby girl’s life. Hannah Marie Jarvis was celebrating the holiday with her family at a Golden Corral restaurant when her seven-month-old daughter, Calli, started to choke on her mashed potatoes.

A server first tried to help baby Calli, but then she yelled out to see if anyone else in the restaurant could help and that’s when the customer Deborah Rouse stepped up. Deborah performed the Heimlich maneuver on baby Calli and after a couple blows to her back, Calli started breathing again.

Jarvis shared the scary story on Facebook (see post below) and thanked Deborah for saving her baby’s life. “This lady is a hero!” her post reads. “If it weren’t for this angel, my daughter probably would have been wheeled away in an ambulance today.”

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