This IKEA Store Gives Stray Dogs A Place To Sleep

An Ikea store in Italy has some popular furry fixtures you can't buy them..but maybe rescue? For years, this Italian Ikea store has actually been welcoming in stray dogs so they have somewhere warm to nap & a roof over their heads. Customers will often while shopping post pics of the dogs napping on a rug or even take some selfies with them to post on social media also praising the store for opening their hearts and their doors to these stray dogs wandering the streets. Linda, who often shops at Ikea, said that There is even a local team of animal workers who make sure that the strays who come in are spared and neutered. Adding on that “the dogs receive daily food and pampering from IKEAs employees and customers..some dogs have even found a family, going home with the customers.”

Check out some of these cute pics below!

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