A Listener Reached Out For Help...


A Seattle local reached out to us a few days ago asking if we could help... 

"Hi friends! Love you, love your show. My son likes to time our school departure in the mornings so he can listen to What’s Good❤️

 I am from the small town devastated by the Camp Fire, paradise, Ca. I’m a 4th generation resident who transplanted to Bellevue in 2016. Every family member and friend I have still residing in Paradise lost everything, including some animals. I’m beyond heartbroken, as are many, and I want to do something special. As a former volunteer at a Chico area cat shelter, I have heard current donations are more slim for animals and the rescue operations as families cling to hope their fur baby may have survived. For some, being reunited with a lost pet is all they will have as they get through this ordeal.

 I’m planning to drive down donations on SUNDAY, but my car is full and I can’t fit anymore physical items. Many people I know are interested in helping but don’t know how. I’d love to do whatever I can to help some of the lesser known victims of this fire and their human families.

 I would love to help this animal shelter- it is called NVADG (north valley animal disaster group). If there’s anything The Wake Up Show would like to be involved in, I’d love to be a liaison who is very familiar with the area and family needs."

If you would like to donate or be involved please reach out to Tara on Twitter @isthisyourpet  

To Donate: North Valley Animal Disaster Group  https://www.nvadg.org/

Anything helps! Thank you Tara for reaching out and being so selfless! 

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