'Chucky' Reboot Coming Soon.


Chucky, my worst nightmare is coming back to the big screen… “Child’s Play” remake will be released June 21st 2019… I think this will be terrifying especially the kind of special effects they can do now… the other one was made in 1988 and that ruined me! -Jenna 

According to SCREEN RANT: "The new movie's brief official synopsis reads, 'Child’s Play follows a mother who gives her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.' That is basically the exact synopsis of the original Child's Play, so fans can look forward to a reboot that sticks pretty close to the source material at least in terms of story. As for Chucky himself, it's already been revealed that the new doll will be updated for our more technologically sophisticated times, and indeed a close look at the box in the above poster reveals nods to this fact as well. Chucky will also get a new origin story that doesn't involve a serial killer taking possession of the doll, but instead sees a Chinese factory worker re-programming the high-tech toy to have no limitations." (Dan Zinski, 2018) 

Photo Credit: Orion Pictures
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