Strangers Making Other Stranger's Day Better... Human Kindness.

Jenna's What's Good?!:

The Society of American Florists recently surprised hundreds of unsuspecting strangers with bouquets of flowers with only one catch – they had to pay it forward. 

The florists were given a mission to gift strangers with two bouquets – one to keep and one for them to give away to keep the kindness going. The campaign called “Petal It Forward” took place nationwide, with delivery girls and guys giving away flowers on the street, in offices, hospitals just anywhere they could spread the love.  I love this because we all are going through something and sometimes you can feel so alone.  Imagine having a rough day, week, month and feel like giving up when some stranger with a smile gives you a bouquet of beautiful flowers with no catch.  For me, that would be some kind of sign.  

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