Customers Buy Out Donut Shop Everyday So Owner Can Spend Time W/ Sick Wife


John Chhan and his wife stella have owned this donut shop in orange County called Donut City for three decades and have worked side by side every morning to serve doughnuts to their customers until recently… Stella suffered an aneurysm and is currently in rehab slowly but surely getting better.  Now Customers had noticed Stella’s absence and wanted to help John by setting up a GoFUND me account but he denied it, the only thing John wanted was to spend more time with his wife but since he has no one else to run the shop… So instead of giving John money the loyal customers buy all the donuts in Johns shop early everyday so he is able to return to the rehab center to be with his wife while she is recovering… The shop’s customers spread the word on newsletters and by word of mouth, and have asked everyone buying doughnuts to buy a dozen at a time…  

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