Local Mom Fights Back After Getting Credit Card Stolen

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Last weekend, Terri Jones lost her wallet in a Chevron parking lot in SeaTac. While she was retracing her steps, down International Blvd, she got an alert on her phone that somebody was trying to make a purchase inside the Chevron. Terri enters the store, sees two customers, spots one of them with and her wallet and asked to get it back.

When he didn’t Terri grabbed him by his collar and started cussing at him, holding on to the suspect while he was trying to run out of the store.

In a situation like this you are supposed to call 911 and let the authorities handle it but Terri is homeless with a 16-year-old son so her whole life was in that wallet- her ID, the last $20 to her name and her Electronic Benefits Card.

Q 13 reporter David Rose, gave her $100 to replace the funds that were stolen. What she really needs to feel safe and resume her career as a chef is housing for her and her son.

If you would like to donate to help her, you can email her at jterri457@gmail.com.

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