Trick Or Treater Fills Bowl With His Own Candy After Finding It Empty!

The Robertson family in Idaho Falls wanted to take their own daughter trick-or-treating, so they left a bowl of candy on their porch for trick-or-treaters and camera out with a sign that said "do a trick and take a treat!" When they got home they reviewed the footage because they liked to see all the kids making goofy faces and doing little stunts, but were disappointed when they saw one of the kids take all of the candy out of the bowl. But they weren't disappointed for long when a boy named Hayden Chapple came along..he saw the bowl was empty and started to walk away..but then he saw another group of trick-or-treaters coming up to the house. He ran back to the porch and put a few pieces of his own candy INTO the bowl so the next group of kids would have some sweets to walk away with.

SO CUTE!! Check out his secret act of kindness below!

The Wake Up Show


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