The Oldest Barber In The World

Jenna's 'What's Good' is about a guy in New York named Anthony Mancinelli.  He has been cutting hair in barbershops for the past 97 years… He is 107 now working full time, cutting hair 5 days a week for a 8 hours a day… He’s the OLDEST working barber in the world! . Amazing right… he started cutting hair in 1921 at just 10 years old.  And currently he’s considered one of the most reliable employees at the salon.  His boss said, he never calls in sick, and she has young people with knee and back problems but Anthony just keeps going.  He can do more haircuts than a 20 year old kid, she said. Anthony doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon either…  I love it your only as old as you feel!

The Wake Up Show


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