WATCH: Tukwilla Police Riding Go Karts Through Town!

Definitely a nominee for Clown Of The Sound – amirite?

Someone managed to steal nearly a dozen go karts from the Family Fun Center in Tukwila and police have been recovering them all over town. 

When they do, the officers get to live out their Mario kart dreams and drive the go karts through the streets to return them – the dash cam video below is so funny –

A business on Interurban Avenue South discovered the first two missing go-karts after they were abandoned in their parking lot.

A third go-kart was found near the Family Fun Center and a fourth was found at the Foster Golf on Interurban Avenue South.

Several go-karts were recovered nearly six miles away in Renton.

A total of ten go-karts were taken and police are on the lookout for the final missing two.

Photo: Getty

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