MCCTOTW Ep. 22: A Lost Boy Finds His Way w/ YBN Cordae

Before killing the stage at Seattle's Crocodile, I had the opportunity to chat with hip hop's hottest freshman, YBN Cordae. We talked about a number of things including eating healthy, his upcoming album The Lost Boy, plus he shared a story about how he rapped Nas's "I Know I Can" at a talent show when he was only 5 years old. I also brought up the XXL Freshman list, which seemed to put a small smirk on his face...will we see Cordae on that list? I'm willing to put my money on it. Another highlight during our chat was his advice for up and coming artist.

Hit play below and join our conversation now. The episode is also available on Apple Podcasts and the iHeartRadio app.

Listen to "A Lost Boy Finds His Way - Ep. 22 w/ YBN Cordae" on Spreaker.


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