J'von Just Wants To See You In New Visual "Loverboy Castle Music"

I feel like J’von is a dope ass artist musically and creatively and I also feel like he’s been slept on for quite some time. He’s released some really cool animated visuals (IT'S ALL HIS OWN WORK!!!), and his music has always been solid, but it seems as if his popularity hasn’t really popped in the Seattle scene, yet. Maybe that’s not his goal? I’ve seen The Fader show him lots of love in the past so maybe he’s just beyond The Six. Either way, I’m vibing with this new visual that he edited, produced, recorded and mixed. MY GOODNESS, THIS GUY IS TALENTED. (S/O @localboydotm for shooting & @cashandjewels for being so beautiful)

Can’t wait to see what else J’von brings in 2019.



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