Future Expecting Another Child With 'Model' Eliza Reign

It looks like Future can't catch a break. Over the Holiday weekend, the mother of his child, and rumored girlfriend Brittni Mealy shared that she is not with Future and wants everyone to please stop tagging her in photos of the Atlanta rapper. This all followed after he was seen spotted celebrating his birthday with Joie Chavis, you know, the pregnant one I told ya'll about a few weeks ago?

Well, after that tiny tornado, a bigger storm hit the internet as 'Model' Eliza Reign took to IG to share that she is currently pregnant with Future's baby and spilled ALL THE TEA on their relationship and hardships. She claims that he wanted her to get an abortion, but due to some circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and her age, it was best if she kept the baby. Future didn't like that and long story short, rumors were circulating that he put a hit out on her. 

This story is too dark for me to continue. I have no idea how much truth there is to this, but it's still sad regardless. Is Future really this much of a scum bag? Check the post below to read Eliza's IOS press release.



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