This Cardi B x Nicki Minaj Beef is Wearing Me Out!

Whew, this Nicki and Cardi beef is wearing me out! There’s been a lot of back and forth between the two camps this past week. Cardi kicked things off by taking to her Instagram Live last week and coming for the barbz.

Then things got crazy because someone leaked Cardi’s phone number online. She began receiving tons of messages, including threats against her daughters life. SMH. Ya’ll threatening a BABY!?

Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina then jumped in and went after Rah Ali, one of Nicki’s close friends. They went back and forth for a bit as Hennessy accused Rah and her people of leaking the number. The disrespect was real with the slander. 

Now Nicki Minaj took to her Beats Radio show to tell her truth. First she claims she is not the one who leaked Cardi’s number. Then she shares that Rah Ali actually beat Cardi up during the NYFW night. She claims that she does in fact have footage of the scuffle, but isn’t the type to leak that kind of info. But then Nicki contradicts herself by stating she’s offering $100K to anyone who has footage from that night. Sis, if you have it, why are you offering money for it? You can hear all the mess on this week's episode of Queen Radio, available on iTunes. 

I am over all this beef. Auntie Oprah needs to step in and get things sorted out because I am tired of this mess!

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