Suge Knight Jr. Confidently Claims Tupac is Alive

We've all heard the rumors of Tupac still being alive, but Suge Knight Jr. is taking things to a whole 'nother level. Via his Instagram, he's been sharing photoshopped pictures of the late rapper with various celebs including Beyonce and Kanye West, and he's also shared videos of random Tupac look alike's claiming they are in fact Tupac. 

With all this hype he's been creating, Suge Knight Jr. put out a track today titled "#Knight" and it is all talk, literally. The son of the Death Row CEO speaks over an instrumental and claims that the Illuminati was trying to set up his father, and since they knew about it, they were able to turn the tables around and set up the fateful night in Las Vegas with a cloned version of Tupac. So since it was the clone that got shot up, the real one has to be alive, right? 

I can't make this stuff up and trust me, I'm just as confused. According to him, this has been apart of a long conspiracy against his family and he too will soon suffer the consequences stating "they'll be after me soon too". 

You can hear "#Knight" currently streaming on iTunes or Spotify, and you can follow Suge Jr. to stay updated on all his foolish claims at @sugejknight.

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