Amber Rose Has a New Boo!

During the 4th Annual Slut Walk, Amber Rose stepped out and displayed some PDA with a brand new man. Just a few weeks ago, Rose was canoodling with NBA player Monte Morris, but that's not who she was locking lips with over the weekend. 

The blonde haired bae is AE, who is best known for being apart of Tyga's crew. Coincidently, someone who wasn't seen at this year's Slut Walk was Tyga's Baby Momma Blac Chyna. Now we all know Amber and Chyna were BFF's, but as of recent the two stopped following each other on Instagram so we all know that means their friendship is over OVER. 

Could this ending be due to Blac Chyna's Mother Tokyo Toni begging Amber to help her mend her broken relationship with her daughter just a few months ago? Or maybe it's because of this new relationship Amber's in? Or is Amber doing this to piss Chyna off? 🤔

I just want to know is Hollywood this small that all you have left to date are ex-friends friends? It seems like everyone in LA is consistently diving in the same pool looking for whatever fish they have left. My goodness! 

Good luck to Amber and her new boo though. Hopefully this one lasts for her! 

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