Here's The Girl Everyone Thought Was Ariana Grande On DONDA

When Kanye West dropped DONDA, you couldn't help but notice the features on the album!! most artists are pretty recognizable by their distinct vocals, like Ariana Grande for one. You know Ariana when you hear her, right?! There's two tracks on Kanye's album that threw fans off guard when they thought they were hearing Ariana's vocals. Everyone thought the same thing, we never thought we'd see the day that Ariana would be featured on a Kanye record. Word spread fast that Ariana was on DONDA..but instead of shooting down the rumors, Ariana took to instagram to show love to the REAL face behind those vocals. Her name is Stalone, and from the looks of her instagram her recognition is finally taking off.

Can we talk about how f***ing beautiful she is?!!

..and her vocals on "Donda" and "Believe What I Say" were everything!!

Photo: Getty

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