Sonic Will Be Offering Pickle Juice SLUSHIES This Summer!

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Sticking with a green theme I think this is really a big dill. Sonic Drive Ins will be dillevering us Pickle Juice Slushes in early June. Being that I know people that actually order a plate of pickles at restaurants. ( I won’t mention any names Jess or Mel don’t worry ) I think this will be a hit. Picklelicious🥒. #sonic #sonicdrivein #sonicpickleslushes #sonicpicklejuiceslush #picklejuiceslush #itsabigdill #picklelovers #apeckofpickleslushiesplease #drinkyourpickles #summertimeslushytime

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We all know someone who loves pickles a little too much. That one friend who eats pickles out of the jar, some people even will drink the juice! If you're one of those people, your summer is about to get that much better.

Sonic will be offering PICKLE SLUSHIES in all it's green gloriness this summer for a limited time! 

Taste testers at Food and Wine said the slushy was “surprisingly delicious.” And I won't even sit here and act like I ain't about to try one myself.


Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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