You Need This 7 Foot Tall Unicorn Sprinkler This Summer

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OMGEE CHICS, its H E R E! Calling all Unicorn 🦄 Lovers, Our "Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler" is a must have for Spring & Summer! Available In Store & Online! {link in bio} #ellabcoboutiquesalon

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Slip-n-slides & regular lawn sprinklers are SO old, how excited would the kids be this summer (or even this spring break?!!) if you whipped out this amazing giant unicorn sprinkler that shoots water out of it's horn?!! LOL I NEED THIS! For myself of course, because this is obviously incredibly too girly for my son who all of a sudden is a big macho man :( STOP GROWING!

Anyway, if mythical creatures aren't your thing, or your grown man baby's thing either..there's a few other options like  a giant blue elephant or green dinosaur.

Check them out here!

And when I say giant, I mean giant, 7 FEET TALL! 


Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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