Saforehead Begs For Nicki Minaj Back After She Posts Her New Cover!

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Nicki Minaj looks INCREDIBLE in her new cover with Paper Magazine..we can all agree right? I mean look at it!!!

Okayyy #NickiMinaj for #PaperMagazine’s Winter 2017 issue #NickiNeapoltian 😏 via. @papermagazine

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Her fans and all of Instagram loves the cover...and does her ex, Saforehead. He first dropped some emoji comments to let everyone know that he SEES HER and is LOVING what he sees.

#Safaree stepped into #TheShadeRoom to get a good look at that old thang!! 😩😩 This is the 2nd time today #Safaree, you tryna tell us something??? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ (View earlier post)

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He continued to go as far as to POST the picture himself on his own Instagram page and see if they can find some kind of common ground...because he is loving this Paper Magazine version of Onika *wipes drool*

#Safaree AND THE REST OF US need answers to this question sis πŸ˜©πŸ‘€ He ain't holding back tuh-day!! Meanwhile #NickiMinaj is out here responding to #Nas & y'all acting up in her comments 😩😩 #StepIntoTheShadeRoom & respond to #Safaree sis 😩

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No response to Saforehead from Nicki yet, be she sure does make sure to respond back to Nas.. (swipe/click to see the next post)


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