Chyna's New Man Meechie Gets "BC" Tatted Behind Ear!

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#blacchyna x new boo?

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Meet Meechie everyone! Remember him? He's one of the men Rob Kardashian put on blast when he had his public melt down blasting Chyna on IG a few weeks ago.

The video Rob posted of Chyna in bed with another man was this man right here, Meechie, a struggling singer out of DC trying to kick off a solo career..also, apparently he was a Vine star too. And people think there's about an 85% percent chance he's gay....

Anyway...Chyna must be putting that thang thang down on him, because she got him to go on & get a "BC" tattoo, what presumably stands for "Blac Chyna", behind his ear! Check out the video above!

Lizette Love

Lizette Love

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