Hoody Reviews "Ready Player One" in 60 Seconds or Less

I'm going to be honest that I never read the book version of Ready Player One, but you honestly don't need to in order to understand Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One!

About a third of the way through the film I thought to myself that I need to see this film two times, not because I didn’t understand what was going on, but because of all the references I most likely missed. Ready Player One is for everyone who has grown up with pop culture in the past 30 years and there's something for everyone!

You need to see this film in theaters because any Steven Spielberg film is worth the price of admission!

Watch my full review for Ready Player One below:

I'm giving the film an 8.2 VR Headsets out of 10, so go see it when you can even if it's just for the pop culture references!!

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