Black Panther Has the Second Highest Four-Day Debut of All Time!

Black Panther made over $240 million at the US box office this past Presidents' Day weekend and it now has the second highest four-day debut of all time!

Behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which made about $288 million in its four-day debut, Black Panther now has the highest debut of ANY Marvel movie, including Avengers!

Black Panther also broke the record for the highest Monday box office total this weekend as it made $40.167 million which surpassed The Force Awakens' $40.11 million Monday haul!

Another interesting fact is that Black Panther has passed Justice League's entire run at the domestic box office as it only made about $228 million in the US for its entire theatrical run. Black Panther passed that in FOUR DAYS!!  

This just goes to show that a talented cast and crew, along with great source material and writing go a much longer way than making a movie just to make a movie!

We'll be discussing Black Panther this week on the podcast as a part of our Marvel Rewind, but if you haven't seen the film yet, GO SEE IT and watch the trailer below!


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