Teacher Suspended For Telling Student 'We Don't Negotiate with Terrorists'

Come here

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You can't make this up!

A New Jersey assistant teacher has been suspended after telling an Arab American student "we don't negotiate with terrorists." Mind you, this was the teacher's response after the student asked to extend the deadline for a homework assignment. More details below:

I know it's hard to find teachers these days, however only suspending a teacher for saying something so disgusting is wild to me. Are you telling me this person may still be allowed to teach?

Apparently after the incident, the teacher approached the student and said he "didn't mean it like that." Soooooo how did you mean it? There are some statements that can only be taken one way and "we don't negotiate with terrorists," happens to be one of them.

Officials at Ridgefield Memorial High School have refused to identify the teacher, but they did release a statement in which they say they have "absolutely no tolerance for any sort of discrimination against any student or staff member.” So again, will this teacher be let go? We shall see.

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