About This Milk Crate Challenge


Photo: AFP

First and foremost, where the heck are you all getting these damn crates, and are you going to keep them or return them? Next question, are you ordering them? Because whenever I need to move no one seems to have trucks or vans to help out 🤔

Now that my questions are out the way, I'm honestly not sure how this challenge went viral however unless you're not on social media you've seen many people trying their luck, walking up and down milk crates for bragging rights, a chance to go viral ooorrrrr a trip to the ER. If you haven't seen the challenge check out my TikTok below:

Like seriously, we all know hospitals are filling up so if you get hurt don't be mad when you're waiting hours in the ER to be seen 🥴 PLEASE. BE. CAREFUL. SHEESH!

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