Details: Washington State Offering Joints For Jabs

In my 31 years on this earth, I never thought Washington State would allow the distribution of FREE (yes free) weed. There is one catch though, you must get vaccinated. Participating dispensaries will offer the vaccine, after you get vaccinated you would get a free joint. The only issue is finding someone to give out the vaccination:

“If we can find somebody to do it, give the vaccinations, we can carve out space inside,” said Ian Eisenberg, who owns Uncle Ike’s. “It's not going to be a lot of room but it will be good enough."

I’m sure they will find room for it, if not they could always put up a tent outside and have vaccinations on certain days/times of the week.

A spokesperson for the LCB said retailers wanted to help encourage COVID-19 vaccinations, and the decision was made to break the long-standing rule preventing cannabis stores from giving away marijuana.

“This was a big step but it was at the request of many of these retailers,” said Brian Smith with the LCB. (source)

Are you going to a dispensary for your joint and jab?