Save Music In Seattle #KeepMusicLiveWa

This is horrible! So many artist have had their first here, whether it be their first concert, first live performance or even headlining set. Heck I’ve even had my first backstage interview and the first time a janky promoter wasted my time was here. Yeah, memories run deep with this building and it's safe to say Neumos is a huge part of our music community in Seattle.

See below for my interview with Steven Severin of Keep Music Live

Via Steven Severin on Facebook

Like a ton of businesses, Neumos is having issues staying afloat. Why? No performances or concerts, means no money to pay the bills. And let’s be frank, we have ENOUGH issues with music in the Seattle/Tacoma area. The last thing we need of one of our venues turning into another apartment building with little stores under it.

So now what? Go to so see how you can help keep music in Seattle.

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